verifying weight size

Post here for issues to do with sizing and finding the right size weight

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Re: verifying weight size

Postby tundraman » March 1st, 2015, 9:41 pm

Putting a little shea or SheaCoa on the sack first will make getting the 32mm on easier. I find it further relaxes my hang. Then the ring can easily rotate during the install.

Prevent all slippage and compression. Repeated testicular compressions just make it easier to happen in the future.
With one testicle compressing, it is a good idea to use less weight for a month or two to let it heal from the bruising. Try using only the 32x30 for a while with minimal lube. Then add the 34x15 on top later.
This will also give the usually higher smaller testicule cord time go grow so that it isn't trying to carry all the weight. Until the testicules cords are every near even your maximum 24/7 weight limit is cut in half or 20 oz/570 gm because you are really only stretching the shortest cord. Above this weight level even a healthy testicule that is higher than the other will be overloaded by trying to carry almost all of the weight, try to contract, not be able to because the weight is too great and will pull the testicule into compression.
The contraction and relaxation of the two cords is almost totally independent of each other. The over loaded cord thinks something is wrong ( and it is - detecting the muscle strain and fatigue ) and needs to contract to protect the testicule - right into testicular compression.

Before adding more weight, you should be able to carry the current weight 24/7 with no issues what so ever.

:D Not picking on you here. This minor testicule slippage situation comes up quite often. It is easily remedied once you know what is going on. This post is linked in my index now.
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Re: verifying weight size

Postby unnclesam » March 2nd, 2015, 8:57 pm


Thanks for your explanation and support ! I certainly don't feel like you're picking on me :mrgreen:
For the time being I will use my 30 x 32 with a 15 x 34 on top, the weight I'm used to carry. In fact I'm used to wearing a little more for several months now as I'm used to wearing a 30 x 34 instead of my new 30 x 32 with a 15 x 34 on top, so it shouldn't be a problem wearing it 24/7.


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