Resizing images

If you are not able to resize images on your computer for posting to meet the size requirements, in this forum please check out the information here.

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Resizing images

Postby admin » January 18th, 2012, 9:54 pm

Image sizing is restricted to maintain a visually coherent look. Max file size is now 250K and max image size 500 x 500 pixels. If you need to resize images to comply with size restrictions on this forum, you can visit this free site -


1. You click the 'Browse' button to search for your image on your computer.
2. In the quality drop down box - select 'Minimum file size'.
3. Choose Max width or Max height as 500 (depending on whether your pic is landscape or portrait format).
4. Click 'Optimize now!' It will process your image
5. Click the 'Download to your computer' button and save it where you wish - done!

Avatars - Our preferred size is 80px x 80px, but max allowable is 100px x 100px. If you want use the above site, do the same as above, but at stage 3 specify 100 as the biggest size (it won't do less than 100px), then carry on. It will produce an avatar sized pic.

NB - there are a good many sites offering this facility, but stick with this above one because it produces a file size that is compatible with this site (I've tried most of 'em and they don't do what is necessary).

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