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"The most pain I have ever felt." -Secretleather survey respondent, 2002.

Posted: May 16th, 2018, 5:59 am
by deeznutz
I was chatting with a fellow ballstretching friend today and he mentioned this old post from the original secretleather forum. I instantly knew what he was talking about because of the bleak, frankly horrifying picture of long-term ball-stretching that this post presents. I have bolded the important sections, but the whole post is worth reading:

I love the look and the feel. I would only add that if you are able to stretch 24/7 over several years, your scrotum will be permanantly altered. I know some men cant do this, but it's right for me.If you limit the number of rings (weight), and always wear them, you will get a permanant change. It's a big temptation in the first year to add more rings simply because they will fit. Dont do it for at least a year. Then add another ring every 6 or 8 months. Go SLOWLY and your mod will be permanant. But remember, you will have to give up some things in the process. For example; I can't wear any swim suit except the VERY long legged ones that are very loose. I have to cut holes in my underwear so my nut shaft can hang thru it. I have to wear loose fitting pants and be careful not to sit on my nut pouch. I can't have the rings off for long. No longer than it takes to shave the hair and do a good cleaning. If the rings are off too long my nuts will try to leave their pouch and go into my nut shaft - VERY PAINFUL. All the blood vessels, nerves, tubing and ligaments are arrow straight now and retraction is quite painful. And finally, the most important thing I need to watch is that while the rings are off, and I am shaving and cleaning my nutshaft; nothing must put upward pressure on my nuts. That is the most pain I have ever felt. Be very careful not to cause any upward movement of your nuts when you stretch 24/7.

My question is, a decade and a half later, what do we think of this man's experience? An outlier? A warning we should have heeded? His outcome sounds supremely undesirable to me--how can we avoid such a fate as him, experiencing excruciating pain as a result of his ball-stretching?

Re: "The most pain I have ever felt." -Secretleather survey respondent, 2002.

Posted: May 16th, 2018, 11:01 am
by tundraman
This is an extreme situation of a long time using and being adapted to heavy weight and an extended hang. The creamaster muscles adapt to be able to carry a lot of weight and grow longer and stronger. The best analogy I can think of is breaking a limb bone or tearing a muscle attachment off the bone. When the anchor point is suddenly gone the muscles will still want to pull strongly "at rest" as that is what they are used to. The result is they are able the go much shorter then they have grown used to causing bunching and the painful "charley horse" effect. It happens to heavy weight body builders commonly when they don't "cool off" from heavy lifting by doing some light weight reps at the end.

For our use, If you are going to go weightless from heavy weighting near or above the 24/7 limit, you need to do it in steps. If I need to go weightless and have been at heavy weight for a while, It takes a few days of stepping down to progressively lighter weights to allow the creamasters to adapt to the lighter load and eventually the weightless load without any aches or spontaneous creamaster contractions.

Re: "The most pain I have ever felt." -Secretleather survey respondent, 2002.

Posted: May 17th, 2018, 12:33 pm
by TrumpJunior
I have never heard this described before and being that everyone shares so much here,it must be extreme and unusual.You also cannot think that it happened overnight,must had happened over years and years and am sure he could have backed off at some point and not experienced this as much.
His advice to never push upward on your balls made me chuckle a bit,thinking about all the guys who are much,much more abusive to their balls intentionally for their pleasure.

Re: "The most pain I have ever felt." -Secretleather survey respondent, 2002.

Posted: May 20th, 2018, 2:18 pm
by Str8pumpin
Wow, yeah I cant help but wonder if something else was going on here. I've been at this awhile, and have never experienced pain when the weights come off, even if its cold and everything bunches up.

Re: "The most pain I have ever felt." -Secretleather survey respondent, 2002.

Posted: May 24th, 2018, 12:21 pm
by mehmet.rico
Have been keeping an eye on this discussion, but happy to hear what was posted as replies.