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Before the snips

Posted: July 20th, 2016, 10:40 pm
by IAmTheBurninator
*in his best TF2 Spy imitation*

My wife and I are pregnant for the third and final time (it's a boy, mom & both big sisters are excited). The baby is due in October, and so I aim to schedule a vasectomy in March or April, after the excitement dies down. My wife had commented one time that she loved the sound/feel of a certain pair of family jewels slapping (gently) against her during sex, and so imagine my delight when I came across Mr. Johansen's guide last week. I'm in no financial position to invest anything more than my time, and I caught myself wondering: how much of this should I be doing in advance of a vasectomy? Additionally, what should I know / be telling/asking the urologist in the lead up to this?

I understand that I shouldn't be seeking medical advice on the internet, but you gentlemen may have experience in this particular intersection of scrotal to augmentation and testicular decommissioning. Please, sate my curiosity.

Re: Before the snips

Posted: July 20th, 2016, 11:43 pm
by tundraman
Welcome to the site!
There should be no problems before and after the cords have fully recovered from the surgery.
The procedure includes cutting a slit in the creamaster muscle that sheathes the cord that incases blood vessels, nerves and the spermatic duct. A small loop of the duct is pulled through the slit where it gets snipped, ends tied and poked back in the creamaster muscle sheath wall. Then the slit gets sutured closed. Some scar tissue forms at the 4 incision sites that will not stretch (2 are in the scrotum skin).
The Urologist will tell you when you can stop using supportive underwear and when you can resume "vigorous" sexual activities.
He needs to know your desire to be commando. Your first stretching "Phase" will be acclimating to just supporting the weight of your testes again without support.

I have not needed this procedure but many here have and can give you first hand experience.