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Re: Ordering anomaly

Postby tundraman » June 2nd, 2018, 12:57 pm

Dave and I swapped emails every few months or when the site or it's server had problems. Now since the full turnover of Secret Leather in November 2017 we just stay in touch via e-mail every few months I have yet to have reason to contact the new Dave. New Dave is continuing to pay the bills supporting this site and server and is happy with my agreement to continue on running it.
Dave was quite active on this site for a while and had several other larger business ventures going. He is a little older than I am and was getting overwhelmed and ready to retire. Back in 2012 he was quite happy when I volunteered to Admin this site as back then it had become a mess when the spammers figured out ways to get around the automatic new member vetting and that took a lot of time out of his day even with 3 of us moderators deleting spammers and other bad actors.
In order to retire one needs to pass ones businesses and responsibilities off to new owners and Dave ( and his wife ) were doing that. Dave's last post here was Dec 30,2016.
I have been retired from "paid work" for nearly a decade and will continue operating this site as long as I am able and the new Dave is happy with me and pays the bills to keep the site up. My Admin work only takes maybe an hour a day spread throughout the day after I started personally vetting new members then rid the site of baddies already on the site. You may have noticed I now only weigh in on posts asking unique questions where the knowledge to answer may not be common. I now depend on the more active safe and sane members to help out.
I don't think this site and Secret Leather will suffer the fate of Rantillion and just "be gone" as long as it is an asset to the business, is a service to the customers and is passed on to new owners committed to maintaining the service this site provides.
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