Ball Stretching Humour...

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Time stretching?: Brand New Jan 2018
Stretching usage: 15mm x 38mm
15mm x 36mm
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Ball Stretching Humour...

Postby ExtraProtein » March 4th, 2018, 10:30 pm

A few weeks back I received the package that contained my first set of metal weights. Obviously I was overjoyed as I've only been messing around with cock rings and ussr's previously. I opened the parcel in my living room and spilled the contents out on to the cocktail table. Checked everything out, screwed and unscrewed the two 15mm rings, put them on my food scale to get the proper weight and that was that.

I had plans to head out to dinner with my brother, and I was running late per usual. Told him I was running late and he said he would uber over to my place and we go from here. I jump into the shower after this brief conversation, get cleaned up, lotioned up, grease in hair etc...

I head into my kitchen and I hear my brother on the phone, he's yapping with one of our friends, stops dead sentence and blurts out, "hey man, I love your new REALLY HEAVY cock rings but don't you think they're going to be waaaay to small?" I'm standing there puzzled and say laughingly, "wtf are you talking about?" He proceeds to hold up one of the 15mm weights! I immediately piss myself laughing, he starts laughing too whilst on the phone with our pal then begins to tell our friend about my new weights! I completely forgot they were out on the cocktail table as I was in a rush to get into the shower.

It was the topic of dinner conversation that evening and there is no shame in my game, I came clean and told the lads why I'm ballstretching! I want low hangers!

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Re: Ball Stretching Humour...

Postby Str8pumpin » March 7th, 2018, 3:40 pm

hahaha, sounds like you have cool friends! No one besides my wife (and you freaks :lol: ) knows I stretch..Well I take that back the girl who waxes me knows..Although once it was close to having some friends find out..When I was starting out I had a slip getting out of a restaurant booth with some friends, right down the leg onto the floor!I scooped it up fast enough no one noticed .

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