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Sexuality: Gay
Time stretching?: 3 years
Stretching usage: Weights, 32mm dia
Your hang: 3"
Stretching intensity: 24/7/365
Are you pierced?: Yes
Height and weight: 6'1" 250lbs
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Postby AussieDion » December 30th, 2017, 11:38 am

Has anyone had one of those embarrassing moments of slippage?

My weights were initially 34mm internal diameter, and not of the WMC from Secret Leather, but another type, and magnetic. Sometimes with the 40mm high magnetic ones, when orgasaming the magnetic piece would pop as the balls contracted upwards, no probs as that type of activity is done in privacy.

On a couple of occasions, I did have one ball slip upwards through the 34mm x 40mm, an actually amazing thing to feel. On both occasions, I were wearing overalls and were able to recover the situation without anyone being aware of what had just occurred, or potentially could have occurred (I'm a full time freeballer).
Those experiences put me on to the Secret Leather WMC weights, and again I started out with 34mm x 40mm. If more than one weight was on, which was usually the case 34mm x 15mm or one or both of the 14mm or 28mm magnetic ones, I need to apply some cream around the bottom of the scrotum. I had just gotten out of my ute to go shopping at Woolworths for groceries, I had just entered the supermarket and I felt one nut slip, no problem, using the shopping bag to shield what was going on, through the underside of my shorts I managed to retrieve the 34mm x 40mm WMC. But then, with a slippery ball sac, the 34mm x 15mm WMC had both balls slip through it and before I knew it, it was on the floor. I quickly put my foot on it, stooped to pick it up. Despite there being a reasonable number of shoppers, no-one gave any indication of seeing what had just happened.
Immediately I got home from that I was on line and ordered a 32mm x 40mm and a 30mm x 40mm WMC weights. The 30mm diameter is just a little to tight, although can come in useful later on when a bit of stretch is developed.
Wearing the 32mm x 40mm is perfect now, even with as much weights as I can squeeze on, there is no way either of the balls are going to slip through. The 32mm x 40mm is always the bottom weight, for some reason the 32mm x 15mm weights at the bottom are uncomfortable, but can be worn anywhere above the 32mm x 40mm.
It is remarkable what a difference 2mm of internal diameter makes!!

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Time stretching?: 4 weeks
Stretching usage: WMC Donut Ball Weight
Your hang: 30mm
Stretching intensity: Few hours
Your relationship status: Married (officially or otherwise)
Are you pierced?: No
Height and weight: 5 feet 6 inch
Other sexual practices: I explore prostate massager for two month

Re: Slippage

Postby Dchen78998 » December 31st, 2017, 7:53 am

Hi Aussie, I stretch less time compare to you, however, I do experience slippage issue on my very first metal stretcher, I than study a whole lot more detail with Jarod Johanson article and remeasure myself a whole lot more carefully. I end up using 75% calculation ever since. Based on Jarod article, 74% to 80% calculation prarameter should not have slippage issue and also depends on the ball size you have as well. Regarding the 32 inner diameter and 15mm width being uncomfortable at the bottom, what you are really experience is basic physics. by placing 15mm on the bottom and 40mm on top, the setup give you about 3.85 times the downforce gravity pull. How do I think about it? Use higher width on the bottom most of the time and use lower width on the bottom only when you want to have accelerated stretching. If you want the full acceleration setup and still reduce the discomfort than get a USSR and use it in the bottom than 15mm than following the wider width which will get the highest accelerated stretching rate in my experience.

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Time stretching?: Since 2012
Stretching usage: 20mm X30mm, 15mm WMC, 30mm WMC, and a 50 mm bullet
Your hang: On a good day, about 8 1/2 inches
Stretching intensity: Every day, 24/ 7
Your relationship status: Married (officially or otherwise)
Are you pierced?: No
Height and weight: 6 ft 190 lbs
age: 52
Other sexual practices: Solo prostate stimulation, keeping my cock and balls waxed smooth....wishing I could have Tori Black as my sex slave hahaha

Re: Slippage

Postby Str8pumpin » December 31st, 2017, 4:43 pm

Yup...Once went to dinner with some friends, and I was the first one to stand up and get out of the booth. My 15x32 slipped right off, down my pants leg and onto the floor! luckily it was carpet and didnt make much noise..I quickly picked it up like nothing happened and no one even noticed. This was in my early days and I've learned to go much snugger on my ring sizes now

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