Ball weights/ prostate issues: easier to pee?

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Ball weights/ prostate issues: easier to pee?

Postby Hankster » September 9th, 2017, 11:25 am

Here's a question for the senior guys on the site (like me) who are experiencing difficulty in urination due to an enlarged prostate. Have you noticed that it's easier for you to urinate while wearing your ball weight? It's MUCH easier for night and day. I'm wondering if other men on this site have experienced this or if it's just my mind playing tricks on me? Do you think there could be a real physiological reason for in the stretching action from wearing weights causes less restriction in urine flow caused by the enlarged prostate? Thoughts, men? Whatever it is, I consider it to be just one more advantage from ball stretching.---Hank.

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Re: Ball weights/ prostate issues: easier to pee?

Postby tundraman » September 9th, 2017, 12:12 pm

I have a theory on this as my reduced flow has gotten no worse in the 7 years of stretching. At 50 something at the time, it was a real shock to be the only person in the doc's waiting that wasn't on oxygen or in a wheelchair. PSA is normal.
I think a lot of the enlargement comes from reduced use. With weights we masturbate and have sex more often than before. This keeps the jizz factory and it's short term storage tanks flushed out, increases blood flow to the prostate and the keeps the sphincter valve muscles exercised and flexible as they switch from urine flow to sperm flow and back. Ever notice it is very hard to pee immediately after climax? The ureter muscle is still in lock down until the sperm track closes off to keep urine flow and sperm duct/seminal vesicles separated from urine. Seminal fluid includes some sugars and this is the cause of infections and other issues in guys that like to edge without release. The vesicles produce but can not reabsorb seminal fluid so it just sits there trapped with sperm in the closed off ductwork behind the sphincter to decompose. :lol: Want a lecture? Mention that you edge to a urologist.
Ejaculate comes in 3 phases - pure seminal to flush the ureter, then seminal plus matured sperm and then finally pure seminal fluid to flush all sperm out of the mixing/maturing system ( where the sperm grows a tail ) then the seminal sphincter closes and the ureter sphincter can open.
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Re: Ball weights/ prostate issues: easier to pee?

Postby Niccolo » October 14th, 2017, 9:55 pm

I believe that regular and frequent ejaculation (from puberty or before but better late than never) will help the prostate get rid of all the toxic rubbish that builds up otherwise. There is also little doubt that ball stretching and Qi gong exercises will tonify and stimulate all the genital and surrounding tissues. Many believe that BS will promote the production of testosterone, of which, as one ages, too much is never enough - don't believe the now discredited theory that T promotes prostate cancer.

Saw palmetto, Pygeum and nettle root will all help the prostate work better and tend to protect against prostatitis, bhp and even cancer.

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