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Joined: April 7th, 2018, 3:06 pm
Time stretching?: Just started
Stretching usage: Ball stretcher
Are you pierced?: No

Re: Newbies

Postby Forsberg » April 10th, 2018, 7:41 am

Hello guys!
I am new to this forum. I decided to stretch a bit my sack because I find it more pleasing and I feel it better when they're dandling between legs. However I am not into very long stretch like 15 cm lol. It looks really too old for me, like 90 old year grandpa :) So I decided to do only a bit, max 5 cm more to keep it balanced ;)

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Sexuality: Bisexual
Time stretching?: Since December 2017
Stretching usage: Stainless steel magnetic weights
Your hang: 5"
Stretching intensity: Daily 12 to 18 hours most nights. Soon to be 24/7
Are you pierced?: No
Height and weight: 5'-10" --- 225 lbs
age: 65
Other sexual practices: Cock rings, glans rings, dildos, urethra plugs, sounds.
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Re: Newbies

Postby Sizzlestix » April 10th, 2018, 11:42 pm

No problem whatever melts your butter...

Yuuki Mishima
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Sexuality: Gay
Time stretching?: short time (about a week)
Stretching usage: A diy belt
Stretching intensity: currently time to time (5-15 hours a day) , but hoping to go 24/7
Are you pierced?: No
Height and weight: 5'4", 115 lbs
Other sexual practices: rarely auto fellatio

Re: Newbies

Postby Yuuki Mishima » April 20th, 2018, 1:59 am

Hello all,

I am a newbie as well, having been at it for only a week. Just wanted to know everyone's opinion on diy ball stretchers. I myself use a contraption of sorts which consists of several things. Firstly, I use the elastic part of a sock on just the scrotum to keep things in place, then I take a medium sized metal ring meant for notecards and such and put that on top of the sock. I then use a shortened belt as the main part that actually would lengthen things, then I put another elastic sock part onto that to keep the metal from the belt from rubbing my skin too much. Just want to know whether it works and ya'lls opinion :) Happy Stretching!
-side note: I've started hanging a sock with 2 d batteries inside it off the belt as to add more weight but i do this sparingly for maybe an hour or so everyday

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