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Time stretching?: 1 year 6 months on and off
Stretching usage: Manual & weights going on 800 grams 24/7 today is the 3rd full on day (7/4/2017)
Your hang: 5.5 inches weighted
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Postby Robcer » June 20th, 2016, 10:42 pm

Hey guys, I just read that injecting Botox in the dartos muscles help keep the scrotum relaxed!!!?? And reduced greatly the contractions! (Isn't this what we all would like, a relaxed sack?)
I know this sounds crazy but Botox is now SOOO well known and used in so many parts and in different applications, that how about if really works?
I am an all natural guy that has tried to keep doctors away for all things, but if this is true, I will give it a shot.
Anyone else had research on this topic?

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Your relationship status: Married (officially or otherwise)
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Re: Botox?

Postby shaver » August 28th, 2017, 10:47 pm

I've read a few web articles on the subject of scrotox, but not sure that I'd try it.
The expense for something that's not permanent (only last 3-4 months) puts me off.
Also, I don't know if it completely stops the scrotum scrunching up or not.

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