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Re: Do NOT mention sites with competing products

Posted: June 29th, 2014, 8:11 pm
by weightonpa1
I also want to thank Dave, Jarod, Tundraman (Chuck) & My Mate on the other Great ball stretching site Ron. Without these guys i would not be able to keep at it and be able to give back all what i have learned form them. Oh for the one that maybe think but he the Mod on Ron's site yes i am it all down to the guys i have named top teachers in this fine art. So from the bottom of my heart or is that my hang THANK YOU GUY.

To all new member if Dave, Tundraman or me say it to fast it for your own safety and health both myself and tundraman have had to learn to do it slow and i know i have paid for if in two nice white scar area's that will not grow.