Post here, guys that want to meet up with other Ballstretchers in person. To get going, you need to;
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Joined: October 29th, 2014, 12:29 pm
Sexuality: Bisexual
Time stretching?: 3 years
Stretching usage: Wmc 15mm 30mm diameter
Wmc 15mm 33mm dia
Wmc 20mm 28mm dia
Your hang: not what I want!
Stretching intensity: overnight mainly
Your relationship status: Married (officially or otherwise)
Are you pierced?: No
Height and weight: 5ft 9ins 10stone. No
age: 63
Other sexual practices: Cock rings,
Location: scotland


Postby Wantone » January 10th, 2018, 7:16 pm

Hey guys,
Not many stretchers added their names to the ‘meeting’ forum.
I’m disappointed!
Has anyone met up anywhere?

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Sexuality: Gay
Time stretching?: 6 months
Stretching usage: Donut 30 36
Your hang: 10 cm
Stretching intensity: 12 hours a day
Are you pierced?: No
Height and weight: 188 82

Re: Meeting!!

Postby Moonfish » January 10th, 2018, 8:51 pm


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Time stretching?: 5+months
Stretching usage: Best I have gotten on is two ten ounce metal rings and a 16 ounce ball stretcher which is a bitover two pounds..
Your hang: 4-5 inches?
Stretching intensity: Put on when I come home from work. I am very active at work and can't wear them there..
Are you pierced?: No
Height and weight: 5'9" 155lbs
age: 34
Other sexual practices: I also dig cock rings..

Re: Meeting!!

Postby Savage206 » January 11th, 2018, 3:54 am

Well where are u guys? I am in St. Louis area..

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Protein Pancakes
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Time stretching?: Few months
Stretching usage: 13oz Stainless Steel Scrotum Weight
Ball and cock ring stretcher
Stretching intensity: 24/7/365
Your relationship status: Permanent relationship
Are you pierced?: No
age: 30
Other sexual practices: Ass worship, cuckold, huge cock worship

Re: Meeting!!

Postby Protein Pancakes » January 12th, 2018, 1:27 am

North Florida here

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Time stretching?: just startedagain after 18months off
Stretching usage: stainless ball rings 3 x 36mm rings
Your hang: 4 inch
Stretching intensity: as and when able
Your relationship status: Married (officially or otherwise)
Are you pierced?: No
Height and weight: 6ft, 14 stone
Other sexual practices: like c2c when able.
Watching porn.
Fantasising about being taken by a guy.
Being tied up and gagged on the bed.
Location: west Yorks

Re: Meeting!!

Postby hian » January 12th, 2018, 11:56 am


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Sexuality: Bisexual
Time stretching?: 4 years!
Stretching usage: Stainless steel ball stretchers.
Your hang: 4 inches
Stretching intensity: Time to time.
Are you pierced?: No
Height and weight: Slightly overweight
age: 54
Other sexual practices: Bdsm videos.
Extreme fantasies.
Oral sex videos.
Fantasy chat.

Re: Meeting!!

Postby Eastwood » January 13th, 2018, 5:45 pm


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Time stretching?: 2015
Stretching usage: Steel weight 980gr and ball tamerand steel rings
Stretching intensity: 14 to 16 hours
Your relationship status: Married (officially or otherwise)
Are you pierced?: No
Other sexual practices: Meatotomy, sounding, pumping cockand balls and some electric tens.

Re: Meeting!!

Postby pedum » January 13th, 2018, 11:14 pm


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