WMC no longer fits

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WMC no longer fits

Postby Youngstretch0922 » September 7th, 2018, 8:56 pm

Hey everyone! I recently started this journey about a month and a half ago. I started with a 33mm WMC which had some slippage so I went to a 30 which worked just fine. Well I ended up getting a raw spot so I quit using any for a couple days. It has been about 2 weeks and every time I try and use either the 30m or 33mm my testicles turn purple/blue within 5 minutes. Could this be swelling in the cords? The skin isn’t bunched any more than it was so I assume it’s internal. I’m considering getting a 40mm WMC just to see if that would be room enough as I really enjoyed the feel and results I was seeing!

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Time stretching?: 4 weeks
Stretching usage: WMC Donut Ball Weight
Your hang: 30mm
Stretching intensity: Few hours
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Height and weight: 5 feet 6 inch
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Re: WMC no longer fits

Postby Dchen78998 » October 21st, 2018, 1:29 am

There are few reasons that can cause slipping, without seeing picture, it is very hard to say. Are you experiencing any pain? In general if you are not having pain, you are doing good. My testicle color do look a little different when wearing stretcher so I can’t precisely say normal or not without a picture. Inner diameter of stretcher will vary depends on the weather you are experiencing. On the hotter days you will likely need to use smaller inner diameter and on colder day you will end up using larger inner diameter. How did you come up with the 40mm inner diameter? Did you read Jarod article first? The reason I say that is because there is very specific percentage of calculation you should follow otherwise you may hurt yourself. In short the way you should calculate the inner diameter is circumference divid by 3.14 times 74% than do circumference divid by 3.14 times 80%. Measure your circumference five times to ensure accuracy and choose in between 80% and 74% calculation and you will be comfortable. Anything over 80% calculation is considered dangerous.

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