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Would all newbies please post here

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Yuuki Mishima
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Diy Stretchers

Postby Yuuki Mishima » April 28th, 2018, 2:49 am

As I am quite a newbie, I was wondering about peoples' opinions on this. For ball stretching, I myself use a contraption of sorts which consists of several things. For light stretching/ when in public I use a single cut sock that still has the elastic part on it and put that around my scrotum to keep things in place. Then I put a belt on top of that (cut to desired length) and then cover it with a sock to reduce chafing. For a more medium stretch, I repeat the beginning part with the sock and belt but add another belt below the first one and cover with a thicker sock to sort of insulate things and keep them warm. I take small breaks but usually wear all day, wearing the lighter one for sleep. I also sometimes switch stretchers if I start to get a bit tender. My next point would be hanging "weights" from the stretcher. For an hour or so each day I take a sock that has 2 d batteries inside it and hang it off my stretcher to add some weight. I believe that's all of my routine so far, can't wait to hear/learn from all you other stretchers out there! Happy Stretching :)!

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