Newbie in chastity

Would all newbies please post here

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Time stretching?: Just starting
Stretching usage: Manual stretching exercises
Stretching intensity: Daily, but just starting
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Other sexual practices: Male chastity, wearing a chastity cage.

Newbie in chastity

Postby Panda2010 » April 26th, 2018, 11:33 am

Hi Guys
I have just joined up today. Only found out about this site yesterday lol

I have just started a chastity journey, and I am trying to sort out being locked in a chastity cage. It isn't something that I have realised until the last few weeks. But my testicles tend to ride high and tight. So, when I have tried a ball-trap chastity device, my scrotum has been very tight. And, even with a custom made chastity cage, when things get a little bit cold, my scrotum contracts and pulls at least one testicle up thru the cage and back into my body. Ouch!

So; What am I looking for?

1. Ultimately, I want to be able to wear my chastity cage 24/7 (365 if necessary lol) without problems. FYI, for those interested I have a custom steel cage (Contender) from MaleChastityNow.
2. If possible, I would like to be able to achieve a situation where scrotum stretching means that my scrotum isn't so bloody tight when I wear my chastity device.
3. I would love to get to a situation where my scrotum was loose enough so that when it gets a bit cold my testicles don't get sucked back in thru the chastity base ring and into my body.

I am in Australia, and just going into autumn (fall), so things are just going to get cooler and exacerbate the situation. D'oh.

I am hoping that a bit of scrotum stretching will help. I reckon a stretch of abt 1-2 cm (ie less than 1 inch) might be helpful.

I have seen Jarod Johansen's page about exercises for manual stretching. I appreciate that everything depends on individual anatomy, but is achieving a 2cm stretch achievable with manual exercises? (Ie absence of weights). If so, how long might it take assuming I do the exercises a few times a day (eg days, weeks, months, years)?

Any advice for a newbie would be very much appreciated.

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