Back again and having some success

Would all newbies please post here

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Back again and having some success

Postby oakn » June 5th, 2016, 6:14 am

Met some really good generous men last time on line around (5 years ago). Third time for me, but this time started observing my own body as a starting point. My body temp is highest right before I wake up and sleeping without clothing... that is when the scrotum was most relaxed. Doing a bit of massage then and rolling a lymph bandage given for my forearm into a doughnut I was able to apply it to the 'not as tightened' sack to stretch and get it to relax just a hair initially. It is a static stretch, like a leather or neoprene stretcher but my body responded better to it. I've been adding 'rings' and hope to order a soft stretcher from SL in the near future. I'd truly given up hope. Due to work where any suggestion of sexuality to clients is the kiss of death I can't do a lot on the job. Anyway...the guys feel like guys instead of eternally locked and rigid Fort Knox.

Thanks to the men who offered help, even a leather stretcher.

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Re: Back again and having some success

Postby Theoldguy » June 6th, 2016, 6:32 am

Hi the choice of ussrs are brilliant and act as a cushion for the weights i agree work life can be very restrictive I stretch at night with ussrs they are so comfortable good luck on your journey

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